Intrapro Spray nettoyant pour appareil auditif

Disinfectant Spray with Brush Intrapro, hearing aid cleaner

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Intrapro hearing-aid cleaning spray has been specially designed to allow a regular, complete and efficient cleaning of your hearing aids.

Available in 2 sizes:
- Small model (50ml): 7 €
- large model (150 ml): 13 €


The spray Intrapro has the effect of dissolving earwax, disinfecting different surfaces of your hearing aid, and is recommended for the maintenance of the surfaces of ear molds and hearing aids in the ear, or behind the ear.

It comes in the form of an aerosol can with a brush at the end for effective cleaning.

The soft brush is packaged in individual blister to guarantee you a better hygiene.

One push is enough to soak the brush.
All you have to do is rub lightly and clean the surface with ease.
After cleaning, the product should be allowed to evaporate.
In the evening, when you remove your hearing aids, is the perfect time to maintain your hearing aids.

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Data sheet

for hearing aid with receiver in canal
for hearing aid behind the ear
for hearing aid in canal
for hearing aid open fit with thin tube
small model: 50ml / large model: 150 ml

How to clean RIC:                                                                 how to clean ITE:


How to clean BTE:      

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