Size 312, PowerOne Hearing Aid Batteries

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The world's best-selling 312 hearing aid battery.

Reference: 312 (color code brown - PR41) 
without mercury 
Active Core Technology: No other battery lasts longer 
Packaging: by insert of 6 batteries 
decreasing price: from € 2.30

Rayovac hearing aid batteries are compatible with all makes and models of hearing aids without exception.

The validity date will remain valid until 4 years.

Long life: up to 20% more! 
Suitable for digital and connected hearing aids.


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Data sheet

Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312
color code
Universal reference
180 mAh
7,9 mm
3,6 mm
per pad of 6 batteries

If you don't know which battery reference to order, you will find below the battery compatibility chart..

10 312 13 675
color code yellow brown orange blue
universal reference PR70 PR41 PR48 PR44
Amplifon 312Zas 10Zas 312Zas 13Zas 675Zas
Audio2000 ZA10 ZA312 ZA13 ZA675
Audika R360+ R624+ R26+ R675+
EarPower A10 A312 A13 A675
Entendre 10AE 312AE 13AE 675AE
Energizer 10 312 13 675
PowerOne p10 p312 p13 p675
Rayovac Proline 10A 312A 13A 675A
Rayovac Extra Advance  10AE 312AE 13AE 675AE
Siemens S10 S312 S13 S675

How to change batteries?

Since January 1, 2019, social security has provided a reimbursement of € 1.50 per pillow for hearing aid batteries, within the limit of: 

  • 10 ads per year for 10 - yellow batteries
  • 7 pads per year for 312 - brown batteries
  • 5 pads per year for batteries 13 – orange
  • or 3 pads per year for 675 - blue batteries.

Social security will pay 60% of the reimbursement, and the mutual the 40% remaining. 

The treatment sheet will be sent to you with your device battery order so that you can receive this refund. 

Your mutual may provide an additional refund depending on your contract.

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