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CleanDry, drying and sterilization station for hearing aids

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Cleandry is a drying station : the all-in-one solution:
electric drying and UV sterilization in one and the same tools.

This drying box allows you to gently sterilize, dry and maintain your hearing aid in good working order.

Regular irradiation of your hearing aid with UV light offers the best possible protection against viruses and bacteria, without abrasive liquids.

In addition, moisture in your hearing aid causes premature wear of the electronics built into the device.
An maintenance consisting of a UV treatment and a daily drying can significantly increase the life of your hearing aid!


Manual :
1.Connect the CleanDry to the electrical outlet
2.Open the lid
3.Remove the batteries from your hearing aid (for optimal drying and sterilization it is advisable to leave the battery compartment open)
4.Press the ON button and select the drying time (3 or 6 hours)
5.Close the lid
6.The UV sterilization starts automatically for 5 minutes.
7.At the end of the 5 minutes of UV sterilization, the "drying" function is activated automatically, and for the duration of 3h or 6h that you have previously selected.

a CleanDry Premium drying box
a USB cable and its AC adapter
a cover for the protection of your hearing aids.
A manual in French

Size of the box: 15cm x 7cm x 3.5 cm


Data sheet

for hearing aid in canal
for hearing aid open fit with thin tube
for hearing aid with receiver in canal
for hearing aid behind the ear
2 years
How to use CleanDry for RIC How to use CleanDry for ITE
How to use CleanDry for BTE

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Facile et efficace

Moi qui transpire beaucoup, mes appareils marchent mieux depuis que je les sèche tous les soirs. Surtout l'été j'avais toujours des pannes car mes appareils étaient mouillés. Ca va beaucoup mieux maintenant.

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