Réveil Bellman 1370 à flashs lumineux vibrations et forte amplification pour sourds et malentendants

Alarm clock Pro Bellman BE1370 with bed shaker and flashs

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The Alarm clock Pro will awake you with an extra loud sounding alarm, bright flashes and vibrations from the accompanying bed shaker. It is easy to use and packed with clever features like night light, backup battery, telephone jack and an external trigger input.

Extra loud alarm signal : Gradually increases to over 100dB
High intensity flash : Features four bright flashing LED lights
Powerful bed shaker : Vibrates under your pillow or mattress
Backup battery : Works even during power loss
Night light beacon : Guides you back to bed


Type: Twisted Nematic LCD
Adjustable backlight in 5 steps
Display timeout: 8 seconds

Alarm and snooze: 
Alarm timeout: 20 minutes
Decreasing snooze time interval from 9 to 2 minutes
Snooze timeout: 20 minutes

Output signals
Sound :100 dB @ 10 cm, 950 Hz – 3 kHz
Four high-intensity flashing LEDs
Bed shaker power: 2.0 – 4.0 VDC. The bed shaker emits a sound

Dimensions and weight
Height: 108 mm, 4.3"
Width: 121 mm, 4.7"
Depth: 92 mm, 3.6"
Weight: 390 g, 13.7 oz. incl. batteries

In the box  
BE1370 Pro alarm clock
BE1272 Bed shaker with sound
Power supply
4 x 1.2 V AAA NiMH batteries

9995 Items

Data sheet

12,1 X 10,8 x 0,92 cm
with light flashes
with strong amplification
with vibrations


fiche technique BE1370

Download (1018.77k)

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