StopGUN E classic, custom electronic protection for hunting

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The STOPGUN E CLASSIC custom analogue electronic protection allows the amplification of the sound environment up to 15 dB and the stabilization of the sound level from 80 dB input.

This allows you to hear better game sounds while protecting you from loud noises like gunshots.

This protection is made to measure, after taking the impression of the ears in our premises in Bordeaux or Artigues Prés Bordeaux.

Material: made of beige hard acrylic resin
Conditioning: pair of 2 protections

Amplification adjustment: using a wheel (volume knob) up to 15 dB

1 only mode: amplification / cutoff

Power supply: 312 batteries not included
autonomy: 60 hours Manufacturing time: about 2 weeks



Data sheet

StopGun E Classique
commande en magasin à Bordeaux pour prise d'empreinte

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