Passtop Tir et chasse. Embouts sur mesure anti bruit conçu pour le tir

PASSTOP Shooting and Hunting, custom passive noise-canceling plugs

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PasStop Shooting and Hunting noise-resistant ear plugs are made of soft red silicone (or optional camouflage color) and are specially designed to provide effective protection in shooting conditions.
Its patented filter will allow the user to protect themselves effectively by significantly reducing impulse noise such as shooting, while allowing the sound frequencies to pass no harm such as speech or small noise and thus allow to continue to interact with its environment.

This protection is made to measure, after taking an impression in our premises in Bordeaux or Artigues Prés Bordeaux.

Material: made of soft red silicone or camouflage
Conditioning: pair of 2 protections

Manufacturing time: about 2 weeks

  • Red
  • camouflage


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PasStop Shooting and Hunting
commande en magasin à Bordeaux pour prise d'empreinte

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