alarme incendie, Emetteur Bellman visit 868 BE1480

Smoke Alarm, transmitter Bellman visit 868 BE1481

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The BE1480 Smoke Alarm can be used in a BE1460 Bellman Visit Fire Alarm System. The fire alarm system provides increased safety because the radio link is monitored and a warning is provided if there is a fault. Refer to the Guard Receiver Manual for more information.

The BE1481 Visit Smoke Alarm is a radio transmitter within the Bellman Visit System for indoor use, which detects smoke and heat. The Smoke Alarm does this even more reliably than smoke alarms which only have one of these functions. When smoke and abnormal heat is detected, the Smoke Alarm will transmit a fire alarm signal to all Visit receivers which are within its range while chirping like a normal smoke alarm.


Technical information

Power supply Battery power: 9 V battery: Duracell MN1604 Energizer 522 or Ultralife U9VL-J

Operating time:

Duracell MN1604/Energizer 522
On the Visit System: Approximately 3 years
On the Fire Alarm System: Approximately 2 years

Ultralife U9VL-J
On the Visit System: Approximately 6 years
On the Fire Alarm System: Approximately 4 years

Power consumption: Active: 40 mA; Idle position: < 10 μA

Radio function
Radio frequency: 868,3MHz
Number of Radio Keys: 64 Radio Keys as standard. Special software can be used to increase these to 256 Radio Keys in increments of 64 per software purchase. Contact the nearest supplier for further information.
Coverage: The normal coverage between a transmitter and receiver in the Bellman Visit 868 System is approximately 200 metres with a clear line of sight. Coverage is reduced if walls and large objects screen off the signals. Any thick walls constructed of reinforced concrete will greatly affect coverage. The system may also be affected by radio transmitters such as TV transmitters, computers, mobile phones, etc. This means that a unit may work perfectly in one part of the room but not at all in another.
Antenna: The antenna should be straight and pointed directly down to achieve best coverage between Smoke Alarms and receivers within the Visit System.
- Via Test Button
- Via the built-in smoke detector
- Via the built-in temperature sensor, if the temperature exceeds approx. 57°C.

Additional information
For indoor use only
Dimensions Ø x H: 100 x 35 mm
Weight: With battery: 110 g Without battery: 70 g
Colour: White

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Data sheet

100 x35 mm
Bellman Visit 868
Bellman visit 868
2 years


BE1580 fiche technique

Download (3.26M)

Pour l'équipement de la maison, nous avons choisi les systèmes Bellman Visit 868 :

Le système Bellman Visit 868 est un système d'alerte sans fil. Il est composé au minimum d’un émetteur et d'un récepteur. L'émetteur perçoit l'alerte : un téléphone qui sonne, un bébé qui pleure ou encore le déclenchement d'un feu. Le récepteur vous prévient de l'alerte par flash lumineux ou par vibration. Il est capable de différencier les différents émetteurs et vous signal à l'aide de diodes de couleur lequel s'est déclenché.

Un exemple : L'émetteur de téléphone capte un appel téléphonique. Votre récepteur Flash Visit 868 Bellman se déclenche : un témoin lumineux s'allume et le flash se met en route.

Bellman Visit 868,  flashs lumineux, vibrations alertes sonnettes pour sourds et malentendants

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