bracelet vibrant rechargeable, Récepteur Bellman Visit 868 BE1560 et BE1570

Wrist Receiver Bellman Visit 868 BE1560 and BE1570

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The wrist BE1560 vibrating bracelet receiver can be connected to different Visit868 transmitters

It warns you by vibration if one of the Bellman Visit transmitters is activated
The LEDs that indicate which transmitter has activated the wrist receiver normally have the following meanings:
- Orange LED indicates a baby cry transmitter.
- Green LED indicates a door transmitter.
- Yellow LED indicates a telephone transmitter.
- Red LED indicates a fire alarm

Very easy to use, it can accompany you everywhere in your home.
It can be recharged at night on its charging base BE 1570.
The bed-shaker (optional) can take over and warn you at night while the bracelet is charging.

Bed shaker BE1270


The BE1560 Visit Wrist Receiver is a receiver in the Visit System and the BE1570 Bellman Visit Wrist Receiver
Charger is a charger used to charge the Wrist Receiver’s internal battery. Both products are for indoor use only and the Wrist Receiver attracts the attention of the user using light and vibrations. Normally the Wrist Receiver Charger should always be connected to mains power via the power supply unit, thus automatically charging its internal back-up batteries. This enhances safety since the back-up batteries remain operational even when there is a power failure.
If the Wrist Receiver is connected to the Charger, a BE1270 Bed-Shaker (accessory) can also be connected and will therefore also be alerted to events while the Wrist Receiver is being charged. This combination provides better functionality through the Bed-shaker alarm options when the user is sleeping.
It is activated via radio signals from any transmitter within the Visit System.

Indicators and Signals
It is generally the transmitters in the Visit System that determine how the receivers will indicate an alarm. See the description in the relevant transmitter user manual for further information.

System indicators
The LEDs  that indicate which transmitter has activated the Visit Wrist Receiver normally have the following meanings:
- Orange LED indicates a baby monitor.
- Green LED indicates a door transmitter.
- Yellow LED indicates a telephone transmitter.
- Red LED indicates a smoke alarm.

The built-in vibrator in the Wrist Receiver vibrates differently according to which transmitter has activated the Wrist Receiver. Refer to the user manual for the relevant Visit transmitter for more information about vibration patterns.
A BE1270 Bed-shaker (accessory) can be connected to the Charger so that the Wrist Receiver can also be used when sleeping. The Bed-shaker is placed under the pillow and when the Wrist Receiver is placed in the Charger to charge it during the night, the user is woken by the bed-shaker when the Visit Wrist Receiver is activated.
Please note! The Wrist Receiver will not vibrate whilst inserted in the Wrist Receiver Charger. A BE1270 Bed-shaker (accessory) must be connected to the Charger to provide a vibratory alert. Other indicators will act as normal.
Apart from a Bed-shaker, it is also possible to connect other products such as the BE1370 Alarm Clock Pro to the vibrator output.

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Data sheet

BE1560 and BE 1570
with bright icons
with vibrations
Bellman Visit 868
Bellman visit 868
2 years

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BE1560 fiche technique

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The Visit system includes a number of radio transmitters and receivers. Transmitters (doorbell detectors, telephone bell detector, smoke detector, etc.) detect different events in the vicinity and transmit a radio signal to the receivers. The receivers capture this signal and provide indications using light, sound and / or vibrations.

For exemple: When the doorbell rings, the transmitter signals the pager on your belt. The pager’s gentle vibrations will tell you that your guests have arrived; or, when the phone rings, the transmitter signals the Flash in your living room. The bright lights will show you that someone is trying to get a hold of you.

Bellman Visit 868,  flashs lumineux, vibrations alertes sonnettes pour sourds et malentendants

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Ce bracelet ne me quitte plus. Au moins je suis toujours avertie, peut importe ou je me trouve dans la maison. Parfait. Et tout est facile d'installation.

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